INTERNOT’s role is to bring together all the legal expertise of the French notarial profession.

INTERNOT’s work is part of juridical and technical international cooperation to promote the rule of law and good governance, to strengthen the fundamental rights of citizens and to guarantee financial and fiscal transparency.

French notaries are pillars of the French legal system and guarantors of legal certainty. Through their presence throughout France they also ensure that citizens have access to the law. They are also major players in the fight against money-laundering.

Notaries effect the transfer of funds between parties to a transaction. As tax-collectors on behalf of the State they are also tax specialists.

Our skills in establishing and transferring private and public ownership contribute to the land tenure security of a country and allows titles of ownership or secure and simplified enjoyment of property to be set up in a country.

Holding an ownership or enjoyment title to land enables the holder to resist any attempts to confiscate it.

Titling therefore makes an important contribution not only to the protection of human rights but also to ensuring the security of corporate investment.

The expertise of notaries is thus used to support transparency.

In a world where the transfer of information is important, the expertise of France’s notaries has been pioneering in making the sector paperless through the use of electronic documents, electronic signatures, the remote transmission of data to public records such as land registries, commercial registers or registers of births, marriages and deaths.

In partnership with the world of higher education and the legal and judicial professions, INTERNOT organises talks, conferences and events to enable you to share the expertise of France’s notaries in fields with which we are familiar such as notarial property law, family law and corporate law.

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